If you saw fire crews and a fire out at Meadows Field Airport Thursday night there was no need to worry. It was all part of an annual Kern County Fire Department training exercise.

Every year a special live-fire exercise is held to make sure crews meet the f-a-a standard when it comes to emergencies at commercial airports.

Kern County crews practiced and honed their skills against interior fires and exterior fires on planes that could result from spilling fuel.

Fire officials saying its always better to be over-prepared and practice in the most realistic ways as possible.

“We say we practice like we play and I think that is key to the whole thing. We are doing what we would actually do in a real incident in real-time and doing it the way we would do it,” explained Capt. Alex Entenman of the Kern County Fire Department.

They also said the training is held monthly but the monthly training doesn’t involve live-fire exercises.

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