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Don’t book a trip based on airfare alone.

Air travel involves much more than just your airfare. Once you take parking costs, your time, and wear and tear on your car into account, driving to a large airport doesn’t always make sense. Let us help you figure out the complete cost of flying out of an airport by using our True Cost Calculator.

Flying local doesn’t mean expensive. Fly Local. Save Time. Save Money. Meadows Field airport is the easiest way to travel. Flexible travel schedule? Check out our low fares page and see where you can fly to on the cheap.

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Fly Local. Save Money.

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Image of the hills of California near Meadows Field Airport
Image of Meadows Field Airport hangar in the daytime
Image of the exterior building of the terminal at Meadows Field Airport. The building wing is circular.
Interior corridor of the Meadows Field Airport terminal. It's very spacious with tan and black marble floor.